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The Meatball Shop

[Translate] With no disrespect for the jack of all trades, we’ve fallen hard for the Daniel of one. Chef Daniel Holzman sharpened his knives at Le Bernardin, but he’s mastering a humbler art at The Meatball Shop, which he just opened with childhood pal and Frank alum Michael Chernow. The genius...

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Aaaah, food…

It is a necessity. It is a luxury.

There are so many cuisines served at so many venues in New York and London, you wouldn’t be able to taste all of them them even if you were to eat out all three meals of every day.

Other than the restaurants listed on this site, there are hundreds more in both cities. Every neighborhood is full of local gems. I just tried to list the well-known ones, the restaurants that are on most traveller’s “must-do” list.

Some of these restaurants are just about food (the taste, the quality), while others pay extra attention to the ambiance and presentation.