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American Airlines (JFK) (LHR)

American version of  British Airways: Large fleet, average service, average plane condition, moderate price.



British Airways (JFK & EWR) (LHR)

The British version of AA: Large fleet, average service, blah, blah… They use both JFK and Newark (having options is not a bad thing). A quick warning: They are notorious with losing luggage.



Continental Airlines (EWR) (LHR)

Out of all the US airlines, by far the best fleet and the best service. Only in and out of Newark though.



Delta (JFK) (LHR)

Effective service, most flights are on-time. Planes are in good condition.



United Airlines (EWR) (LHR)

Service quality and fleet-wise, somewhere in between AA and Delta. Again, only Newark.



Virgin Atlantic (JFK & EWR) (LHR)

Without any hesitation, by far the best airline in the NYC-London route. Great service, planes in good condition. They use both JFK and Newark (like BA). They also have a codeshare agreement with the Continental.