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[Translate] Most employers keep a tight grip on the purse strings (shocker). So if your boss throws money at your new venture, you must be doing something right. Especially if your bosses are the owners of Locanda Locatelli, which some (we) have called the best Italian in town. That’s the situation...

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Travel enthusiast… I guess that’s one way to describe me. Of course I do other things than travelling. After all, I have to pay for my flights.

Hence the title, this site is devoted to New York and London, two of the most popular leisure and business destinations in the world. Simply, this site is about the hotels, the restaurants, the bars and the airlines that carry people between these two wonderful cities.

Some of you might ask whether I don’t have anything better to do than putting together a site like this. Well of course I do… But I also cannot deny the fact that I call both these cities home, therefore I felt obliged to.


The Process

I’m a former concierge and a very proud honorary member of Les Clefs d’Or. Although I’m no longer in the profession, the curiosity and eagerness to explore never goes away.

I’m also a bit of a geek. I build websites and web based applications for not-for-profits, companies and individuals. So, obviously, the love of computers is there.

When you merge the two, this comes out as a result: A website with a blog on travelling between New York City and London.

I’m sure that was very hard to guess… Not…

All the information on this site is the result of my personal knowledge of both cities, and some research (mostly to get the details right).

Please feel free to comment or contribute. After all, the site is intended to serve as a reference to anyone interested.

Some of the images used on the site are from my camera. Where it is not, I tried to give credit to the rightful owners.

Other than the blog page where I’ll be posting quick snippets of up-to-date information on a regular basis, there are also reference pages to various hotels, restaurants and bars in both cities.