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Olio e Più

[Translate] Late-Night Rule #146: Once you get past midnight, pizza tends to come fast and loose. And while there are late nights when a slice and only a slice will do—whether it’s from Artichoke or Ray’s on the corner—today we’d like to present a new kind of 4am pizza option. One that’s...

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Kin Shop

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 09-11-2010


The sophmore effort from Season One Top Chef champ/Perilla owner Harold Dieterle has a water color vibe thanks to the aqua-marine artwork and Monet-esque banquettes lining the white brick walls, and puts its own spin on traditional Thai fare from braised goat Massaman Curry with toasted coconut/mustard greens/purple yams, to squid ink & hot sesame oil soup w/ ground brisket, squid, and snake beans, sadly also what Jake’s became after years of hitting the juice.

469 6th Avenue (between 11th and 12th St.), New York, NY +1 (212) 675-4295

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Hung Ry

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 08-11-2010


Dedicated to the theatrical art of hand-pulling their pasta, this noodlery’s clean, Eastern vibe boasts recycled wood floors and chairs pulled from UPenn, both of which can support you while drinking their global craft beers/sakes and supping on roasted bone marrow w/ wasabi, veal head terrine, and (obviously) noodles packed with everything from Peking duck & Szechuan/sweet peppers, to Pork belly/tail/tongue (eat it all, however, and the whole hog will certainly be you).

55 Bond Street (between Bowery and Lafayette St.), New York, NY +1 (212) 677-4864

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Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 05-11-2010


Evincing a trendy art gallery thanks to a black laquered bar/floors, copious wall graffiti, and a rotating selection of local works, the ‘inoteca/dell’anima alum behind 9’s pushing out Med-influenced fare including garlic bread meatball sliders, buttermilk fried rabbit w/ spicy apricot jam, and hanger steak sided by roasted marrow gremolata and a radish salad, appropriate, as nobody wants a salad that’s bogusish.

800 Ninth Avenue (at 53rd Street), New York, NY +1 (212) 956-3333

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Oficina Latina

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 04-11-2010


Inspired by fare from all over the Latin world, OL’s tucked into a sultrily-lit industrial-vintage sleeve (lots of wood, hanging rubber-caged construction lights) adorned with loads of cultural ephemera and rocking a corner nook for live bossa nova bands, plus a beam-covered back patio/garden. Authentic tapas include spicy tongue taquitos, fried blood sausage, and lamb skewers w/ tomato and apple, while the cocktail program holds exclusively latin wines, 100+ rums, and carafes of Latin liquors served on a mirrored tray sporting lines of sugar, which will only get you high-per.

24 Prince Street (between Mott and Elizabeth St.), New York, NY +1 (646) 381-2555

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Lani Kai

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 03-11-2010


Say there’s a bar.

Now, this bar prides itself on concocting perfect mai tais, knows its way around a pu-pu platter and generally makes you feel like everyone around you should be wearing a coconut bra.

You would probably call this place a tiki bar.

And for the first time in a good long while, you would be wrong.

But hey, you still get a mai tai…

Here to introduce New York to the anti-tiki Hawaiian lounge is Lani Kai, an ode to Hawaii’s cocktailing and culinary delights from the owner of Pegu Club and Flatiron Lounge, opening next week in SoHo.

You probably guessed this was coming: no kitschy totems, no pink leis, no grass skirts. Which is fine. Because instead you’ll walk into two floors that feel like a tiny, classy Hawaiian paradise in SoHo: light wood floors, a long communal table, airy blue walls, a chandelier made of seashells and a fireplaced downstairs lounge perfect for your next indoor luau.

And while pork buns and fry platters may start flying out of the kitchen, stay diligently focused on the rum. It comes by the flight, in cocktails (like the house Planter’s Punch, made with raisin-infused rum) or in a little device they’re calling the punch pitcher, which is just what it sounds like: a punch bowl, but more upright.

Yes, the punch pitcher era is upon us.

525 Broome Street (at Thompson St.), New York, NY 10013 +1 (646) 596-8778

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Les Deux Salons

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, London | Posted on 02-11-2010


Finally making a commitment can bring wonderful things…usually followed by mediocre things, then an expensive divorce, a fling with a waitress, and a failure to learn your lesson about commitment. Finally going monogamous with French grub, the man behind Les Deux Salons.

Soft opening today, Deux is the third joint from Will “Not That One” Smith, whose prior chow-houses, Arbutus & Wild Honey, have both won Michelin stars for their European belly-fillers; this latest venture’s got a strictly old-school Parisian vibe, filled with mosaic flooring, oversized tarnished mirrors, and bentwood chairs — though if it causes that much agony, why don’t they just redesign the chair? Inspired by classic brasserie fare, the menu starts with small-scale tongue-pleasers like red mullet soup w/ green olive tapenade, tarte lyonnaise (bacon/onion/cheese) w/ organic salmon, and a hearty, slow-cooked pork belly “petit salé”, meaning “little salt” (thank God! Angelina’s doing her own version of the Young Bond series!). Moving up to the bigger grub, there’s roast halibut with razor clams, ravioli of rose veal w/ goats curd & cavolo nero, and even a bacon & Herefordshire snail pie, too much of which will make you feel…sluggish.

As with the other venues, there’ll be a slightly more affordable plat du jour, and all of the world-spanning vinos will be avail by the carafe — keeping you from having to make a commitment to a whole bottle, then trying to give the waitress your tip.

42-44 William IV Street, London WC2N 4DE

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Burger & Barrel

Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 01-11-2010


Our Department of Burgers has been busy.

New intel has been unearthed.

And we’re not going to say it involves bacon jam, but we’re not going to not say that…

So on this easygoing Friday afternoon, we bring you first word that Burger & Barrel, a new patty emporium and beer shack from the folks behind Lure Fishbar, is opening next week in SoHo.

Looking out onto the stiletto theater of Houston Street, B&B is the sort of breezy and light restaurant you don’t normally associate with houses of beef: there’s a wall of windows for people-watching, light wood tables and banquettes are strategically arrayed for checking out the other tables and banquettes, and there are seats at the bar for those who require total focus on meat and bun.

You’ll want to note that these particular burgermeisters choose to grill their patties with mustard pre-added, in the style of a certain Los Angeles chain that has become the stuff of fast-food legend. But don’t let that distract you from your burger consumption/field reporting mission: stake out a table near the window for prime indoor/outdoor scene surveying and let your burger come as the burger gods (okay, just the chef here) intend: topped with American cheese, slathered in piping-hot caramelized onions and finished strong with… bacon jam.

Or don’t keep things simple, and go for the sloppy joe burger, two beers and a pulled pork or short rib taco.

Bacon jam optional.

25 W Houston Street, New York, NY +1 (212) 334-7320

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