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Luke’s Lobster UES

[Translate] Just-caught and simply prepared, fresh seafood can be a revelation, with subtle notes of brine painting a portrait of the ocean in your mouth as you wistfully long for a deep fryer. Longing no more, the bigger, badder, and fry-ier Luke’s Lobster UES. Adorning their communal-high-tables...

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Posted by Burak Ipekci | Posted in Food, New York City | Posted on 27-10-2010


Venture to the far end of East 29th Street, and there you’ll find the latest from Tom Colicchio: an upscale seafood spot called Riverpark, serving up whole striped bass, octopus rolls with garlic mayo and views of the mighty East River through floor-to-ceiling windows. Views enhanced by a little garlic mayo.

450 E 29th Street (at 1st Ave), New York, NY +1 (212) 729-9790 riverparknyc.com

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